Monster Legends Tips – Know The Secrets To Win The Battle

Monster legends tips – know the secrets to win the battle

Mobile gaming is becoming more popular because of ability to customize game according to needs. This type of game styles enhances player’s experience and thus making them the master in no time. Similarly, hack, tips and monster legends tricks,etc let you become the master of the game in few days. People in huge number are attracting towards them, and they are learning the secrets to excel in the game. Therefore, we have come up with a guide to monster legends secrets and tips. So, continue reading if you want to reveal the secrets of the game.

Monster legend game has got inspiration from the very famous cartoon series- Pokemon. Monster legend has come up with few of its similar features, and thus people find this game interesting. You will find a breed of monsters that need to be feed to win the battle, discover new monsters and unlock levels.

You can train your dragon, feed them and take them to the battle arena where they will fight one on one with another dragon. You can either win or lose a battle. There are many possibilities in the game that you don’t know till now hence here is the guide to tell you everything about the Monster legends tips and tricks.

Tips and Monster legends review tricks etc-

The first secret is to know about strength and weakness of monsters and this you can do by knowing elemental affinities.

Elements –

Monster battle is all about strength, power, and techniques, but it is also about the elements because it will determine the result of the battle. Each element has certain specialties, and that is the key to success. So, here is the element’s list with their affinities so that you pick right one in battle.

• Water element is a weak element against thunder but strong against fire.

• Nature element works best against magic but not against fire

• Magic element is weak against light and strong against nature

• Dark is stronger to earth but weak than light

• Earth is stronger than thunder but not than dark

• Thunder, strong against water and weak than earth

• Fire, weak than water and strong than nature

So, this is how the element’ strength and weakness are. Be careful before you put your monsters in the arena. Choose carefully, and you can do this only when you know about the opponent dragon. Thus, a deep knowledge of the monsters is required to learn about the monsters of the game.

Learn monster skills

The second secret is to monster skills. The player must learn the skills to train monster. Monster legends review shows that most of the player doesn’t know about the skills of monsters. Players enjoy breeding and feeding monsters, and they do not pay attention to analyzing the attributes of monsters. monster legends hack 2018 You must know what your dragons can do. To know, simply tap the monster’s habitats and select the monster about which you want to learn. You can then see its available and unlocked skills. Before bringing them to the battleground, learn whether the monster can fight with opponent or not.

So, these were the secrets and monster legends tips for the players.

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