How to get Crystals in Summoners War

How to get Crystals in Summoners War

Now we’ll be operating on Mikene, the water Undine! Where we left off, in Prologue and Kumae, youve Summoners successfully gained Kumae in the secret dungeons and hes already been awakened and 4-starred.

We’ll fuse Mikene very first, as shes the simplest to get the critters required to fuse her. Every monster needed could be gotten from Essential Dungeons. With this, lets start with

Cogma is the flame Imp. Like always, a lot of men and women prefer using the latter so as to get him to begin fusing Veromos.

The Hall of Fire opens on Tuesdays, which will become your opportunity to obtain the fire Imp and his awakening essences. Since he’s a two-star monster, youll want 20 of his Secret Dungeon bits so as to summon him. The essences needed so as to wake him are:

Once awakened, it’d be better to four-star Cogma when possible. You can achieve so by taking him along with a powerful monster to Faimon Volcano, rather a politician from among your buddies, since, even when a monster is maxed out, they nevertheless participate of their EXP.

Rep creatures, on the other hand, dont take EXP, so the monster you have will receive all of the EXP, such as they did the situation run themselves. Instead, Summoners War Cheats if you’ve some Angelmons, you are able to feed them to Cogma, however I wouldnt waste any moment with them till hes already been four-starred.

The moment youve awakened, four-starred and maxed out Cogma, place him in storage right alongside Kumae, and start working on another monster required to get Mikene.

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